Help & Terms


What is MoveUp

MoveUp is a mobi-site that helps first-time job seekers to:

  • learn new skills that improve your employability,
  • build a SmartCV that is accessible anywhere, any time,
  • and to apply for entry-level jobs close to you.

Is MoveUp free?

MoveUp is designed and developed to help you to improve your employability, and to find entry-level job opportunities close to you.

Anyone can download and access MoveUp for FREE from an internet-enabled device.

How do I get access to MoveUp?

You can access MoveUp online at and sign in using your Facebook details. MoveUp will only receive your public profile and email address.

Note: If you clear the memory of your mobile phone or if you've been offline for a while, you will be prompted to sign in again.


What can I learn on MoveUp?

Our bite-size courses allow you to learn entry-level jobs skills and build successful behaviours through small focussed steps. You can complete any of our courses in less than 30 minutes if you are focussed and connected to the internet.

  • Our Word-Ready Courses cover everything from people skills, communications and money skills to computer basics.
  • Our Vocational Courses help you to learn skills specific to entry-level jobs in industries such as Banking, Tourism, Hospitality and Retail.

We are constantly adding more Courses to help everyone improve their employability, so keep checking the site for updates!


What is my SmartCV?

MoveUp’s built-in CV generator automatically captures everything that you learn and achieve on MoveUp to your SmartCV. You can also easily add your personal details, work experience, references and much more to create a professional CV.

MoveUp gives you the power to update and download your CV anywhere at any time, or to apply for a job with just one click on MoveUp.

I am struggling to download my SmartCV - Help!

Our SmartCV generator only allows you to download your SmartCV or to apply for a job once you have completed all the sections of your SmartCV.

The sections that are incomplete will be highlighted in red, whereas the sections that are complete will be marked in green.

If you are in a specific section, like for example “Personal Details”, make sure that you complete all the required fields and click “Save” at the bottom of the screen once you are done with the section.


How do I apply for a job on MoveUp?

You can search for, view and apply for jobs in the “Find Jobs” section which is available in the main menu.

Once you have opened a job listing, there will be an option at the bottom of the screen “apply with SmartCV”. If your SmartCV is complete, you can simply accept the terms and conditions and your SmartCV will be shared with the employer/ recruiter who listed the job opening. All this with a click of a button!

If your SmartCV is not complete, you will not be able to apply for a job, and you will first have to complete all the sections in your SmartCV before you can apply for a job (please refer to the Your SmartCV section in the FAQs above).

Word-Ready Courses & Job Applications

These street-smart courses are designed to help you get work-ready for any 1st time job. They cover all the basics you need to know about how you should prepare for, approach and handle your job (and your life as an employee).

We believe that it is important that you, the work-seeker, complete these courses before you start your career. Therefore, you can only use your SmartCV and apply for a job once you have completed all the work-ready courses that helps with job skills such as how to communicate professionally and present the best version of you.

I have applied for a job on MoveUp – What now?

When you apply for a job on MoveUp, your SmartCV’s information is shared with the employer/ recruiter who posted the job on MoveUp.

Employers and recruiters can access the information of everyone who applied for the job they listed on MoveUp on our Recruiter Dashboard. Here they can easily sort and filter through applications online, view all CVs in a streamlined and standardised format, and shortlist suitable candidates.

Employers and/or recruiters will then contact shortlisted candidates directly if they wish to discuss the job opportunity further with them.

You can view the status of a job that you have applied for in “My Jobs”.

  • “Open” in the top right-hand corner indicates that the job listing has not expired and applications are still open.
  • “Closed” in the top right-hand corner indicates that the job listing has expired and that applications are now closed.


Contact Us

If you need help or support with MoveUp, please use the “Report a Problem” function that you will find in “Help & Terms” in the menu, or send an emai